[j-nsp] Multi Core on JUNOS?

Stepan Kucherenko twh at megagroup.ru
Sat Oct 24 15:23:26 EDT 2015

> This would allow set-ish style (since the UI really doesn't need the
> braces on input) as well as allowing the placement of comments:
> [edit]
> cli# load terminal merge interactive
> [Type ^D at a new line to end input]
> protocols bgp /* foo is cool */ group foo /* local-as is also */ local-as 42;
> /* You can also put braces here */
> protocols {
>     bgp {
>        /* goo is not */
>        group goo { local-as 51; }}}
> ^D
> load complete

Is it possible to delete last line(s) ? If yes then this way of 
configuring something will become the only one I will use all the time. :-)

I think it's great.

> But I need to work out what (and how) would get redrawn when you
> type "?" deep under braces (like at the "51" above).  I can't emit
> the [edit] line, but just redrawing the current line doesn't give
> the context the way I'd like it to.  Perhaps a distinct key to give
> the content-as-edit-line?

I'd be happy even with the current line. But maybe someone else will 
have more ideas ?

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