[j-nsp] dynamic-db for prefix-list filter on ex3200, ex2200

Dan Farrell danno at appliedi.net
Mon Oct 26 14:33:48 EDT 2015

Hi Nitzan,

Thanks for your reply- I think you're right. To further add info and split the documentation and feature-set hairs-

-          At least from 9.5 this is stated to be usable by EX series.

-          BUT! All docs that reference dynamic-db do so with routing policies, and show support for only M, MX, and T.

-          JUNOS-on-EX does not error out on the configuration (as it would, for example, when configuring BGP on an EX2200-C).

The use-case is loading large numbers of prefixes for filtering purposes without having to churn the unit with a typical commit operation and it's associated churn. I'd hate to have to migrate to MX because EX can't/won't do it.



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AFAIK dynamic-db is for routing policy only
it dose not work for firewall filters


On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 7:29 PM, Dan Farrell <danno at appliedi.net<mailto:danno at appliedi.net>> wrote:
Howdy List,

I can't seem to get a dynamic-db prefix-list to work correctly on either an ex3200 or ex2200 on JUNOS 12.3 and 12.10.
I'm starting to suspect it simply won't work on these models (or maybe on EX-series at all, or maybe only on routing policies).

Using a dynamic-db prefix-list in a filter leads to NO packets passing on the interface it is instantiated on. (tested on l2 and l3 interface filtering).

It seems to be a simple implementation (create the same prefix-list name in the normal configuration as the dynamic-db prefix list and tag it 'dynamic-db', then use in a filter), so I'm currently not suspecting myself as the culprit.

Combining manual prefixes with the dynamic-db in one prefix-list results in only the manual prefixes being honored, while the dynamic-db ones are still ignored (same as above).

Thanks list!

Also, here's my configuration's relevant parts:

  policy-options {
      prefix-list badips {

  policy-options {
      prefix-list badips {

  firewall {
      family inet {
          filter blocktest {
              term block-dy {
                  from {
                      destination-prefix-list {
                  then {
              term allow-all-else {
                  then accept;

  interfaces {
    vlan {
        unit 33 {
            family inet {
                filter {
                    input blocktest;

  vlans {
    noc24-test {
        vlan-id 33;
        interface {
        l3-interface vlan.33;

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