[j-nsp] in-band management and QinQ

Valentini, Lucio Lucio.Valentini at siag.it
Wed Dec 14 04:00:12 EST 2016

Hi there,

I was wondering whether some of you ever came across this problem:

I have a provider management network, say VLAN 500, a bunch of customer networks, say VLAN 0-99, and a bunch of other networks, which I can still  consider provider networks, say VLAN 100-299; I can encapsulate the customer networks 0-99 into a service network 1, and also I can encapsulate VLAN 100-299 into a service network 2.
If my management network is VLAN 500 and I use in-band management, how can I get to the other side of the QinQ tunnel? is there a way to route together my management network 500 and service network 1? Seen from another point of view, is there a way to create just a tunnel for VLAN 0 - 99, without having to change my management network?

Any input welcome!



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