[j-nsp] JUNOS bug for QinQ VLANs

Valentini, Lucio Lucio.Valentini at siag.it
Thu Dec 15 10:15:37 EST 2016

Hi there,

it seems there is a bug in the latest version of JUNOS for the EX4200:

I have deleted an S-VLAN, which does not show up in the configuration, but is still shows up in the "show vlans" output; I think it´ll go away after a reboot.

siag at POP-SIAG-Test> show configuration | display set |match Client-SIAG


siag at POP-SIAG-Test> show vlans detail
VLAN: Client-PAB, 802.1Q Tag: 200, Admin State: Enabled
Dot1q Tunneling status: Enabled
Number of interfaces: 2 (Active = 2)
  Untagged interfaces: ge-0/0/1.0*
  Tagged interfaces: ge-0/0/12.0*

VLAN: Client-SIAG, 802.1Q Tag: 600, Admin State: Enabled
Dot1q Tunneling status: Enabled

VLAN: Gestione, 802.1Q Tag: 500, Admin State: Enabled
  Primary IP:
Number of interfaces: 2 (Active = 2)
  Untagged interfaces: ge-0/0/23.0*
  Tagged interfaces: ge-0/0/13.0*

VLAN: default, 802.1Q Tag: Untagged, Admin State: Enabled
Number of interfaces: 20 (Active = 0)
  Untagged interfaces: ge-0/0/0.0, ge-0/0/2.0, ge-0/0/3.0, ge-0/0/4.0,
  ge-0/0/5.0, ge-0/0/6.0, ge-0/0/7.0, ge-0/0/8.0, ge-0/0/9.0, ge-0/0/10.0,
  ge-0/0/11.0, ge-0/0/14.0, ge-0/0/15.0, ge-0/0/16.0, ge-0/0/17.0, ge-0/0/18.0,
  ge-0/0/19.0, ge-0/0/20.0, ge-0/0/21.0, ge-0/0/22.0


siag at POP-SIAG-Test> show version
Hostname: POP-SIAG-Test
Model: ex4200-24t
JUNOS Base OS boot [12.3R12.4]
JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [12.3R12.4]
JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [12.3R12.4]
JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [12.3R12.4]
JUNOS Online Documentation [12.3R12.4]
JUNOS Enterprise Software Suite [12.3R12.4]
JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Enterprise Software Suite [12.3R12.4]
JUNOS Routing Software Suite [12.3R12.4]
JUNOS Web Management [12.3R12.4]
JUNOS FIPS mode utilities [12.3R12.4]

Can anybody confirm?



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