[j-nsp] ACX5048 - protect remote access (telnet, ssh, http, snmp)

Aaron aaron1 at gvtc.com
Thu Jun 2 17:41:16 EDT 2016

Dang, they're teasing us Will !

On another note, I was surprised when you told me there was a new version of
software for the ACX5048... I just started reading the D50 release notes.  I
was pleased to see that there are a lot of IPv6 enhancements.  This is
perfect timing as I was just about to get in the lab and start testing 6VPE
for the first time on my ACX5048's.   But actually I had no idea 6VPE was
not supported in D20 or D25... I mean, that seems to be the implication that
if D50 brings all those IPv6 enhancements, that the prior versions did not.
I'll try it on D20 and see.  Then go to D50 if I need to.

- Aaron

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