[j-nsp] Commit script portability between ELS and non-ELS platforms

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Jun 8 09:13:20 EDT 2016

On 07/06/16 21:51, Rob Foehl wrote:
> Does anyone have any clever methods for probing Enhanced Layer 2
> Software support from a commit script on QFX/EX in order to generate
> changes appropriate to the platform?  Specifically looking for something
> beyond checking hardware and version numbers, or for pieces of config
> hierarchy that might not be present on any given box either way.


...returns substantially different XML b/w ELS and non-ELS IIRC. An EX3300:

<rpc-reply xmlns:junos="http://xml.juniper.net/junos/12.3R12/junos">

...versus EX4300 w/ ELS:

<rpc-reply xmlns:junos="http://xml.juniper.net/junos/13.2X51/junos">

That's how our off-box Junoscript code decides between ELS and not. 
Should be easy enough from an op/commit script.

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