[j-nsp] MX104 capabilities question

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Thu Jun 9 09:55:01 EDT 2016

On 9/Jun/16 15:24, Gustav Ulander wrote:

> I would think that the 7280R is more a competitor to ACX5k and NCS 5k boxes? 
> But would be really interested to see where the MPLS feature set is in maturity as Mark says. 
> All three boxes should be really handy to have for P dutys when doing no or very little BGP on them except the Arista one then.

What I know from Arista is that they are still a long way away from
offering decent MPLS capability in EOS. However, basic IP should be
fine, although I'm not sure how this translates for their BGP

IGP-wise, they seem to be doing fine, although I have no direct experience.


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