[j-nsp] EX3400 switches, QSFP+ breakout

raf raph at futomaki.net
Wed Jun 15 10:14:43 EDT 2016

Le 15/06/2016 à 15:31, Jim Troutman a écrit :
> Anyone have any experience or opinions on the EX3400 switches?
> Can anyone confirm that the software supports breaking out a QSFP+ ports
> into 4x SFP+ (like with a QFX-QSFP-DACBO-1M) and configure as separate 10
> GigE interfaces?
> My SE says he thinks so, because QSFP+ specs are same as on the QFX, but
> I'd like confirmation from someone who has actually done it.

I can be wrong, but if I reminder correctly someone state on this list 
that is not working. If it working it will make a cheap 16x10G ports.
(and perhaps that not what Juniper wants)

Raphael Mazelier

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