[j-nsp] ACX50xx l2circuit counters

Nathan Ward juniper-nsp at daork.net
Tue Jun 21 06:14:09 EDT 2016

> On 21/06/2016, at 19:00, Daniel Verlouw <daniel at shunoshu.net> wrote:
> Hi Nathan,
> On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 6:03 AM, Nathan Ward <juniper-nsp at daork.net> wrote:
>> Does anyone have and tricks to make l2circuit counters work properly, or, is this a lost cause?
> on ACX1k/2k/4k, you have to explicitly enable per unit statistics
> collection. We simply enable it on all units using an apply-group;
> set groups per-unit-statistics interfaces <*> unit <*> statistics
> set interfaces apply-groups per-unit-statistics
> Not sure if this is also needed on the 5k, so give it a try…

Hi, catching up on this.

Yep, thanks for this. Our SE also followed up internally and came back to us this morning with a similar thing which works fine. Trying to find out why it’s not enabled by default - we suspect maybe some scaling limitations, which hopefully I’ll be able to share. We currently only have maybe 15 sub interfaces on the whole box so it’s not a problem.. for now.

Also worth noting, the D20 software we had doesn’t expose firewall counters to SNMP, you have to upgrade to D50 (which from memory was a May release).

Nathan Ward

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