[j-nsp] A conceptual advice on QoS is needed

Aaron aaron1 at gvtc.com
Wed Mar 2 12:01:17 EST 2016

(forgive me as I didn't see original email.... and I'm just jumping in on
qos theory)


1 - And if you are having volumetric-type ddos attacks filling your pipes,
then that would mean that you would/could need qos everywhere if you were
going to want "good" traffic to get through during attacks... right ?

2 - if you have links that are regularly experiencing congestion, I mean
like daily/nightly and sustained congestion for an hour or more, then is qos
really the "fix" for that ?  sounds like that's a bandwidth issue.


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> The question is, where I need QoS: before the traffic enters the 
> transport switches or inside them.

As Adam pointed out, you need QoS at all points where congestion can happen.

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