[j-nsp] flow collisions?

Daniel Rohan drohan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 15:40:33 EST 2016

Hi all:

Can anyone help me define some of these counters I'm seeing on our
FPCs? When I run

request pfe execute target fpc2 command "show jnh 0 sample-inline
statistics ipv4"

SENT: Ukern command: show jnh 0 sample-inline statistics ipv4

GOT: Protocol                    :2
GOT: Flow Packet Count           :5789149275620
GOT: Flow Byte Count             :5673740587208686
GOT: Total inserted Flows        :176810413029
GOT: Total deleted Flows         :176793898277
GOT: Inactive Timed Out Flows    :162771518964
GOT: Active Timed Out Flows      :14023413845
GOT: Active Flows                :16514752
GOT: Export Packet Count         :34359297776
GOT: Flows Exported Count        :171053892730
GOT: Flow Collision Error        :12960957608
GOT: Flow Insert Error           :243576966918
GOT: Flow Delete Error           :0
GOT: AS Lookup Error             :1968
GOT: RR Lookup Error             :151348580782
GOT: Flow Export Error           :0
GOT: Flow insert Policer Drops   :278853233
LOCAL: End of file

Flow insert Policer Drops, AS Lookup Error, RR Lookup Error, Flow
Collision Error, Flow Insert Error are all incrementing.

I can kind of infer what these mean if I think of a flow export table
that fills up with flow data and then is sent off in a record to the
collector (ie, policer makes sure the table capacity is never
overrun), but am completely clueless about flow collisions, insert
errors RR Lookup Errors (what's a route reflector got to do with
exporting IPFIX?) and whether or not my assumptions about the table
and policers are right or wrong.

Googling these doesn't really turn up much aside from old j-nsp posts
where most folks seem as confused as I as to what precisely these



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