[j-nsp] Core network design for an ISP

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Fri Mar 25 11:55:20 EDT 2016

On 25 March 2016 at 17:46, Raphael Mazelier <raph at futomaki.net> wrote:
> Interesting, but I have make the opposite, aka mixed edge and core link on
> MPC. The idea was to provide redundancy in case of one MPC failure.

Yes this is absolutely more important. So if you you can buy just 2
MPC, then for sure mix and match so single MPC failure does not kill

Only if due to organic reasons (lot of ports/capacity to core) you can
put core and edge in different MPC, do it, but don't 'waste' MPC
capacity to get it.


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