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Thank you for your sharing your thought.

We also consider a similar product, the Brocade vRouter 5600, which is essentially Vyatta with Intel DPDK support and a lot of bug fixes, however, we do like Juniper product, design and mentality too, although we feel like it's a bit less of a production-ready software compared to vRouter. I am not sure that the Chelsio T420 can do much against just the supported Intel NICs and the DPDK drivers.

Anyway, feedbacks and thoughts are welcome!


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Disclaimer: I have not used vMX.

You might be better off going with something like VyOS/Vyatta. A quad core high clock xeon with 8+ GB of RAM and a PCIE ASIC like a Chelsio T420 (or better) would probably serve you well, and will have a very similar syntax.

Just a thought.

On Sep 9, 2016 12:28 PM, "Alex Valo" <alex.valo at outlook.com<mailto:alex.valo at outlook.com>> wrote:
Dear All,

I am just wondering if anybody here is using Juniper vMX in production with success? We have a project with a very small budget. The first phase will be about 200 Mbps  (6 months), then 500 Mbps (6 to 12 months) and finally 3 Gbps (12 months and beyond).

Our design:

- 2 routers with iBGP/OSPF between them
- 4 eBGP sessions with 1 Gbps from upstreams with full view
- 2 eBGP sessions with 1 Gbps downstream with full view
- a few static route subnets
- filtering using regular route maps and traffic engineering using BGP communities
- syslog of all event
- sFlow/NetFlow/IPFIX on the upstreams interfaces

Looking for some feedbacks:

Anybody keen to share their experience on either or both of these platforms?
Anything to be specifically aware of?
Which hardware do you use?
What are you traffic level?
Did it work? Is it bullet-proof?

Looking forward to your messages and feedbacks.

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