[j-nsp] What version of Junos is best for bgp.

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Fri Sep 16 14:48:09 EDT 2016

On 16 September 2016 at 19:42, Jader Vieira da Rosa <noc03 at contato.net> wrote:


> I have these doubts because of the router be new to me, the RE has 16GB of RAM, no sense I use a 32bit junos.
> In the current router has 2GB Ram with 95% usage, then it is valid change to 64bit to have 16GB of ram for the future = D.

If you are now running 13.3R9 in then network without customer visible
problems with 2GB, and in future you'll have 4GB, I think you're set.
Just because you upgrade your JunOS does not mean you'll be able to
use more memory. By default you'll still run 32b version of RPD,
unable to use more than 4GB. You can ask it to run 64b RPD manually
via config, but do you want to be early adopter when you don't have

> I heard rumors that the newer versions of JUNOS, the time of route convergence is faster ....

Newer is always newer, new features and maybe new bugs. I will put on
my marketing hat and tell you must go with 16.1R1, because you're only
using single core in your fancy 4 core system! With 16.1R1 you'll be
able to use more CPU cores, and more, like new, is always better,


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