[j-nsp] Communities on l2vpn instances

Luis Balbinot luis at luisbalbinot.com
Mon Sep 26 09:43:35 EDT 2016


It's possible to set communities at the "protocol l2vpn" level in a
l2vpn routing-instance at three different places:

set interface xxx community yyy
set site xxx community yyy
set site xxx interface yyy community zzz

But these don't seem to change anything. Documentation on these
commands is pretty much inexistent. Does anyone know how/if they work?

My idea is to set communities to aggregate l2vpn instances and control
which groups take different LSPs. All communities set from a VRF
export policy are only sent on the BGP sessions and are not installed
at the local l2vpn tables. Is there a way to set multiple communities
locally on a l2vpn routing-instance?


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