[j-nsp] l2circuit/xconnect between MX104 and a ME3600X

Caio caiot5 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 17:21:04 EDT 2016

Hello experts,

I'm having a strange issue while trying to configure a l2circuit/xconnect
interop. between a MX-104 and a ME3600X.
One interesting thing is that both equipments (ME3600X and MX104) has
l2circuits/xconnects with another devices  (other Junipers and Cisco
routers like the old 2951 and so).

On the MX side everything is up:

Neighbor: XX.XX.XX.XX
    Interface                 Type  St     Time last up          # Up trans
    ge-0/0/0.0(vc 2)          rmt   Up     Sep 27 14:54:56 2016           1
      Remote PE: YY.YY.YY.YY, Negotiated control-word: Yes (Null)
      Incoming label: 300192, Outgoing label: 18
      Negotiated PW status TLV: No
      Local interface: ge-0/0/0.0, Status: Up, Encapsulation: ETHERNET

But in the Cisco side there's the ISSUE:

Local interface: Gi0/1 up, line protocol up, Ethernet up
  Destination address: XX.XX.XX.XX, VC ID: 2, VC status: down
    Last error: *MPLS dataplane reported a fault to the nexthop*

All the routers adjacencies are working ok (even though if their uptimes is
not the same) and I'm using LDP for signaling:

#sh mpls ldp neighbor
    Peer LDP Ident: XX.XX.XX.XX:0; Local LDP Ident YY.YY.YY.YY:0
TCP connection: XX.XX.XX.XX.646 -
State: Oper; Msgs sent/rcvd: 62103/54188; Downstream
* Up time: 6d07h*

> show ldp neighbor YY.YY.YY.YY detail
Address            Interface          Label space ID         Hold time
YY.YY.YY.YY      lo0.0              YY.YY.YY.YY:0          41
  Transport address: YY.YY.YY.YY, Configuration sequence: 0
 * Up for 1w1d 23:35:12*

I already 'googled' a lot and I haven't found a single clue of what's going
on, just some people having the same issue and that aparently were also not
able to fix it.

Has anyone been through it or that can give me a clue?

Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

Best regards,

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