[j-nsp] QFX5100 for IXP reseller port termination

Leon Meßner l.messner at physik.tu-berlin.de
Mon Jan 9 18:41:02 EST 2017


i am wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to get
a QFX5100 [3] to terminate an IXP reseller port and avoid extra fanout
ports. The idea is that via one reseller physical port multiple
customers get connected to the same peering lan. These customer
connections get seperated by 802.1q vlans. For every customer sflow
accounting, interface counters and port security would be quite
important. I tried the below snippet [1] which is taken from [2] but
gives me:

# commit check 
[edit vlans vlan1000 interface]
    interface with input/output vlan-maps cannot be added to a
routing-instance with a vlan-id/vlan-tags configured error:
configuration check-out failed: (statements constraint check failed)

which probably tells me what to do but i can't figure it out. Better
ways to get the features are more than welcome.



# show | compare 
[edit interfaces]
+   xe-0/0/10 {
+       flexible-vlan-tagging;
+       native-vlan-id 1050;
+       encapsulation extended-vlan-bridge;
+       unit 1001 {
+           vlan-id 1001;
+           input-vlan-map swap;
+           output-vlan-map swap;
+       }
+   }
[edit vlans]
+   vlan1000 {
+       vlan-id 1000;
+       interface xe-0/0/10.1001;
+   }



[3] > show version 
Hostname: bla
Model: qfx5100-48s-6q
Junos: 14.1X53-D35.3
JUNOS Base OS Software Suite [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS Base OS boot [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS Online Documentation [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS Crypto Software Suite [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS Kernel Software Suite [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (qfx-ex-x86-32) [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS Routing Software Suite [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS SDN Software Suite [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS Enterprise Software Suite [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS Web Management Platform Package [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS py-base-i386 [14.1X53-D35.3]
JUNOS Host Software [14.1X53-D35.3]

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