[j-nsp] MC-LAG on QFX5100

Jackson, William william.jackson at gibtele.com
Sun Jul 9 05:07:45 EDT 2017


We have been testing an MC-LAG active/active setup on qfx5100 using the latest 14.1x53 code.
We are seeing issues when using L3 in the MC-LAG.
We are using IRB with VRRP on a number of vlans that face the downstream client.
It seems that in active/active both nodes process traffic even if they are not the VRRP master, so we have taken that into account.

The issue we are seeing seems to be that the ARP sync is not working on the ICCP between the peers.
We can reach downstream nodes via one peer but not the other.
And it works correctly on some vlans but not others so isn’t related to the downstream client.

JTAC is on it albeit at snail’s pace.

Has anyone got this working on qfx5100 and can share some config examples?

Many thanks

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