[j-nsp] [rbak-nsp] SE600 End of life status

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The fact is that your perpetual software license entitles you to perpetual software updates, to correct all defects in your licensed software, perpectually. 

Multiven simply gets the OEM that created the bugs in your software, to fix them for you, once Multiven TAC (MTAC) identifies the defect/s in them. 

Bottomline, when the OEM says that your software is end-of-support, all they are saying is that they won't deploy any further resources towards looking for bugs in your software. They don't (and cannot) stop you (or your independent software maintenance provider like Multiven) from continuing to identify, demand fixes and enjoy your software and hardware perpetually. 


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Any how Multiven providing new software releases or fix software bugs ? Black magic ? 


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PS. Multiven provides _lifetime_ hardware and software maintenance service for all IP networking equipment from all OEMs e.g. redback, cisco, juniper etc. 

Hence you no longer need to panic into an unnecessary and expensive hardware refresh nor leave your network vulnerable to cyberattacks because of lack of software maintenance support coverage. 


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Until the end of 2018: 
- there's still some light software support (no new official SEOS release). 
- Hardware support is provided. 

> Le 25 juil. 2017 à 13:34, Jim Tyrrell < jim at scusting.com > a écrit : 
> Can someone tell me what the support status is of SE600 & SE1200 platforms? Is the hardware and software now end of life, or are Ericsson still supporting this at present? 

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