[j-nsp] PR1177571 on fresh installed RE's / Host 1 failed to mount /var off HDD, emergency /var created

Joerg Staedele js at tnib.de
Mon Jul 31 22:26:15 EDT 2017


it seems that 14.1R8 (and also 15.1R6) still has the bug mentioned in PR1177571 

I isntalled 14.1R8 with install media on both Routing-Engines in a MX960. The Backup RE (re1) shows "Host 1 failed to mount /var off HDD, emergency /var created"

But /var is mounted normally from the HDD (i this case we have replaced the original HDDs with Transcend 64GB SSDs) on both re's .. so it is definitley a false positive.

With 13.3 there was no problem.

Anyone has an idea?


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