[j-nsp] cheapest juniper router capable of lsys

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Tue Jun 27 14:33:02 EDT 2017

Thanks Vincent, My vMX and older Olives seem to operate similarly... but I will say, that neither of them have I ever been able to forward layer 2 traffic over bridging or mpls l2vpn/vpls

I am probably not doing something right, especially if you are telling me the vMX should be able to forward L2

I think on my vMX when I type "show version" it says "olive"  :|

You mentioned "I didn't try anything fancy myself, but IRB is running without any problem."  But that's still routing right ?  ...via IRB ?

My vMX and also older Olives do routing and MPLS L3VPN's nicely.

My Cisco XRv, Junos Olive, Junos vMX, runs on a virtual computer sitting in a data center with lots of cpu and mem assigned to it.

I'd love to try to figure out why my vMX won't forward layer 2 bridging and mpls l2circuts and vpls...

...but at the moment I'm satisfied with my MX104 in my lab running 15 lsys's.  Quite Nice.

- Aaron Gould

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