[j-nsp] improving global unicast convergence (with or without BGP-PIC)

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Tue May 2 06:30:49 EDT 2017

> James Bensley
> Sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2017 9:28 AM
> Just to clarify, one doesn't need to enable indirect-next-hop because it
> enabled by default, but if it were turned off for any reason, I presume it
is a
> requirement for PIC Edge? Or is it really not required at all, if not, how
is the
> Juniper equivilent working?
It's a requirement for PIC Edge (Egress PE or Egress PE-CE link failure) as
well as for PIC Core (Ingress PE core link failure). 
To be precise it is required for in-place modification of the forwarding
object to the backup/alternate node. 
So in a sense that applies for ECMP/LACP NHs a well the only difference is
that both NH are in use in those cases -but you still need to be able to
update all FIB records using them at once in case one of the NHs goes down.

> Looking on juniper.net it looks like one exports multiple routes from the
> to FIB however assuming the weight == 0x4000 those additional paths won't
> be used during "normal" operations, only during a failure, so we won't
> actually get any per-packet load balancing (which would be undesirable for
> us), is that correct?
That precise.


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