[j-nsp] Junos CoS - ingress hierarchical policer

Marcin Kurek md.kurek at gmail.com
Thu May 18 03:33:10 EDT 2017

Hi all,

I'm new to Junos CoS and struggling with creating ingress policer for a
customer so they are allowed to send traffic belonging to 4 different
- voice (30%)
- data-1 (20%)
- data-2 (20%)
- best effort (30%)

It should meet following objectives:

- at parent level police customer traffic to let's say 10 Mbps
- each traffic type goes to its own forwarding-class, which is then
mapped to different queues on egress
- voice traffic should be policed to 30%, excess traffic should be
- data-1 and data-2 should be policed to 20%, but they can use
additional bandwidth up to parent level (10 Mbps) if it's available.
Once it gets above contract it should get remarked to forwarding-class BE.

My idea was to create MF classifier, where I match certain traffic and
assign appropriate forwarding-class. Also, traffic in data-1 and data-2
would be policed here.
Depending if it's in-contract or out-of-contract, it would get assigned
appropriate forwarding-class.
Also, I'd use hierarchical-policer with aggregate set to 10 Mbps and
premium to 3 Mbps.

Does it sound right, or I got it totally wrong? I'm having some
implementation issues, but before I get into this I wanted to make sure
the idea is right.

Thanks a lot!

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