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Remy de Boer / True remy at true.nl
Mon May 22 03:05:11 EDT 2017


Just the other week there was a thread on NetFlow collectors. It started off by someone from Verizon introducing vFlow (https://github.com/VerizonDigital/vflow). It looks pretty cool!
Here’s the link to the NANOG thread:

I’ve had great experiences using pmacct. I’ve used it to feed raw flows into mysql (not a huge success) and ElasticSearch (much better!) through a Kafka MQ.

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On 22 May 2017, 08:22 +0200, John Luthcinson <luthcinson at gmail.com>, wrote:
Hi list

Could you recommend good Netflow/IPFIX analyzer / collector tools for SP
environment? In the past (over 10 years ago) I have used e.g. flow-tools
but it seems not well maintained nowadays. Scripting and data export
options are appreciated.

Goal is to export flow data mostly from Juniper MX devices (inline j-flow)

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