[j-nsp] RFC2544 and Juniper clarification

Roy Hockett royboy at umich.edu
Thu May 25 12:41:23 EDT 2017

We have been able to use layer2 path and just configure an optic in the 
Juniper device (MX or EX) for software loopback and this will reflect all
the frames from a JSDU tester.


> On May 8, 2017, at 10:33 AM, Eric Van Tol <eric at atlantech.net> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Can anyone verify whether RFC2544 reflect mode is supported on MX80 with a 20x1GE MIC installed, running 17.1? The documentation is ambiguous - some references say MX80 and MX104, while others state just MX104. Maybe the MX80 is implied when mentioning the MX104, I don't know.
> As a follow-up, has anyone been able to get the MX to reflect non-Juniper sourced RFC2544 tests? I'm trying to test out sending RFC2544 packets from an Accedian device and I've yet to get the MX to reflect the data back to the Accedian. I've tried both L2 and L3 configurations:
> L3:
> disable-signature-check;
> mode reflect;
> reflect-mode mac-swap;
> family inet;
> source-udp-port 5555;
> destination-udp-port 5555;
> test-interface irb.6;
> destination-ipv4-address;
> L2:
> source-mac-address 00:15:ad:39:53:3c;
> destination-mac-address 5c:5e:ab:de:1e:f0;
> ovlan-id 522;
> outer-tag-protocol-id 0x8100;
> ivlan-id 6;
> service-type elan;
> in-service;
> disable-signature-check;
> mode reflect;
> reflect-mode mac-swap;
> family bridge;
> direction egress;
> test-interface ge-1/2/9.16000;
> Any guidance would be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> evt
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