[j-nsp] Combining two MS-MIC in MX104 for CGNAT

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Wed Sep 13 11:59:37 EDT 2017

Combining two MS-MIC in MX104 for CGNAT


I'm running an MX104 for CG-NAT with MS-MIC-16G and I read about Junos 14.2
allows two MS-MIC



I would like to confirm the hardware capability of my MX104 and getting a
second MS-MIC-16G installed to combine the two MS-MIC's to allow double the
NAT throughput capability which I understand is ~7.5 gbps per MS-MIC-16G....
so 7.5 * 2 = 15 gbps for two MS-MIC-16G


I also read about AMS Interface - Aggregated Multiservice interface.  I'm
wondering if this is a way to accomplish this using a group of MS interfaces
on two seperate MS-MICs and present them to JUNOS as one AMS interface thus
take advantage of the two MS-MIC resources.



-Aaron Gould

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