[j-nsp] Moving onto EX2300

Chris Morrow morrowc at ops-netman.net
Wed Sep 20 14:18:58 EDT 2017

At Wed, 20 Sep 2017 17:03:21 +0000,
Raphael Maunier <raphael at zoreole.com> wrote:
> Not supported at all.
> According to a meeting last week, hardware limitation … EX2200 or
> 3400 but no support of BGP, if bgp is needed EX3300 / 4300

I found the 3400's are painfully different from 3300/3200's.. with
respect to vlans, trunks and access port assignment into said
vlans.. and actually getting traffic to traverse a trunk port to an
access port.

this coupled with what seems a requirement to enable an IRB interface
to attach the management ip address to seems ... wonky.

I don't find the docs online particularly enlightening either :) I
have a 3300 config, it should 'just work' on a 3400.. I would have
expected anyway.

also, I don't think you can disable the VC functions in the
@EX3400-0401> show chassis hardware 
Hardware inventory:
Item             Version  Part number  Serial number     Description
Chassis                                NX0217020007      EX3400-48T
Pseudo CB 0     
Routing Engine 0          BUILTIN      BUILTIN           RE-EX3400-48T
FPC 0            REV 14   650-059881   NX0217020007      EX3400-48T
  CPU                     BUILTIN      BUILTIN           FPC CPU
  PIC 0          REV 14   BUILTIN      BUILTIN           48x10/100/1000 Base-T
  PIC 1          REV 14   650-059881   NX0217020007      2x40G QSFP
  PIC 2          REV 14   650-059881   NX0217020007      4x10G SFP/SFP+
    Xcvr 0       REV 01   740-021309   FS40531D0014      SFP+-10G-LR
    Xcvr 1       REV      740-021309   FS40531D0015      SFP+-10G-LR
Power Supply 0   REV 05   640-060603   1EDV6486028       JPSU-150W-AC-AFO
Power Supply 1   REV 05   640-060603   1EDV7021509       JPSU-150W-AC-AFO
Fan Tray 0                                               Fan Module, Airflow Out (AFO)
Fan Tray 1                                               Fan Module, Airflow Out (AFO)

(port xe-0/2/0 and xe-0/2/1 are what I'd like to disable)

@EX3400-0401> request virtual-chassis vc-port delete pic-slot 2 port 0
error: interface not a vc-port
@EX3400-0401> request virtual-chassis vc-port delete pic-slot 2 port 1    
error: interface not a vc-port

of course, possibly they are not vc-ports, and are only acting like 3300 vc ports before I diable VC functionality :)


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