[j-nsp] Sporadic LUCHIP IDMEM read errors

Olivier Benghozi olivier.benghozi at wifirst.fr
Tue Sep 26 06:41:40 EDT 2017

Maybe http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/09/sun-solar-flare-strongest-auroras-space-science/ <http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/09/sun-solar-flare-strongest-auroras-space-science/> ?

> On 26 sept. 2017 at 09:14, Sebastian Wiesinger <sebastian at karotte.org> wrote :
> Hello,
> we're seeing sporadic LUCHIP IDMEM read errors like these (from two
> routers):
> fpc5 LUCHIP(0) IDMEM[112821] read error
> tfeb0 LUCHIP(0) IDMEM[303084] read error
> It is a single error and does not impact traffic in any measurable way
> for us. It appears to be random on different router models (MX960,
> MX480, MX80) and JunOS versions. It seems these have increased in the
> last few weeks. At least one other provider I asked is seeing them as
> well.
> Is anyone here seeing these? Has anyone found a reason for it or has
> already a case open for this?

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