[j-nsp] RSTP best practices on ELS switching (EX2300/3400/4300)

Chris Lee chris at datachaos.com.au
Thu Sep 28 07:43:26 EDT 2017

Hi All,

Interested to know what others have as their RSTP best practice setups for
access-layer switches in the ELS platform, specifically EX2300/3400/4300's

Until today I had thought that having defined my access interfaces (to end
devices like PC's/printers etc) with "edge" and "no-root-port" was offering
protection from people plugging in random stuff like other switches.

After some more research it looks like I should probably be defining
bpdu-block-on-edge,so interested to know if others are defining this along
with a disable-timeout setting like 5 minutes, or do you not generally
bother with a disable-timeout and manually clear these if they occur ?

Options I'm looking at defining :-

[edit protocols]
+   layer2-control {
+       bpdu-block {
+           disable-timeout 300;
+       }
+   }
[edit protocols rstp]
+   bpdu-block-on-edge;


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