[j-nsp] deactivate routing-options forwarding-table

craig washington craigwashington01 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 28 14:10:26 EDT 2017


Thanks again. I went ahead and ran the below and it removed the deactivate command and no impact 😊

"delete routing-options forwarding-table export exp-to-fwd"

show | compare

-   inactive: forwarding-table {
-       export exp-to-fwd;
-   }

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> I do see where it looks like an export policy was applied but there is
> nothing in it
> "set routing-options forwarding-table export exp-to-fwd"
> show configuration policy-options policy-statement exp-to-fwd (no output)
> show configuration | display set | match exp-to-fwd (only thing found)
> set routing-options forwarding-table export exp-to-fwd

My guess is that someone deleted the exp-to-fwd policy, tried to commit, and saw it was being called from within the forwarding table. Rather than delete that line, they deactivated it, perhaps with a reason, but there should be no issues just removing that line altogether. The 'deactivate' just ignores the configuration altogether, essentially the same as not having any explicit forwarding-table configuration.

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