[j-nsp] EX4500 and Nexus 5K STP

David Kotlerewsky webnetwiz at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 19:58:01 EDT 2018

VSTP requires RSTP, see this note:

Note: EX Series switches can have a maximum of 253 VLANs on VSTP. Therefore, to have as many spanning-tree protocol VLANs as possible, use both VSTP and RSTP. RSTP will then be applied to VLANs that exceed the limit for VSTP. Because RSTP is enabled by default, you just need to additionally enable VSTP.

See the whole article and guide here:




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    Hi All,
    I have to connect two Juniper EX4500 (in VC) to Cisco Nexus 5K VPC (two) and they currently run with RSTP+ and many many VLANs. Uplink ports will be ae on Juniper side and PO on Cisco side.
    The documentations and forums aren't clear to me about the fact that VSTP is sufficent for clean interop or if I also need RSTP enabled and the native vlan id configured the uplink to handle STP on the Cisco native vlan 1.
    Experience and insights are highly appreciated.
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