[j-nsp] SLAX scripts configured with apply-groups will not source refresh

Phil Shafer phil at juniper.net
Wed Jun 20 09:28:17 EDT 2018

Chris Wopat writes:
>Everything seems to work fine, with one exception - you cannot refresh
>the scripts using their defined source. These commands don't even attempt
>Is there an additional config knob required to tweak, or is this simply
>broken for some reason? This was tested on MX 16.1R7, QFX 14.1X53-D47.3,
>and EX 12.3R12-S7.

Nope, that's just a bug.  My refresh function isn't using the
inheritance hook.

You can refresh them individually ("set groups whatever ... refresh"),
if that helps as a work-around until the bug's fixed.

Please have your AM open a PR for it, or let me know and I'll open
it for you.


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