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joel jaeggli joelja at bogus.com
Sat Jun 23 23:56:25 EDT 2018

On 6/22/18 11:44 PM, Mehul Gajjar wrote:
> Hello Juniper experts,
> I am new in Juniper.
> Can anyone help me the basic l2 spine & leaf configurations example. my
> concern is to high availability of server's connections.
High availability of a server's interface is typically achieved by
having more than one of them, on more than one switch.

There are  several ways to implement that, (MC-LAG, routing, etc) but in
fact  the topology of the network upstream of the switches service the
server is not necessarily the most important consideration.

if you have to actually scale an l2 network for edge servers I would
start by taking  look at multichassis lag approaches which are supported
on most junos platforms.


Personally I'm kind of done with large L2s so I would  probably just use
ebgp with a private asn per server and eschew all these l2 topologies.

> Cheers !!!
> Mehul
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