[j-nsp] VRF export/import of eBGP learned route

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Thu Jun 28 23:58:25 EDT 2018

Use with caution in live environment as I'm going off of some testing I was
recently doing in my lab and I'm pretty sure I saw this same issue.

Sounds like something I saw with my internet boundary pe's, would add my AS
on routes were learned from internet and send as vpnv4 routes into my
internal ibgp environment and internal pe's were seeing their own AS and
routes were being hidden as looped...

Try this on PE1 ....

If pe1 ebgp group is called "ebgp-to-ix"...
If IX ip that you neighbor with is
If vrf on PE1 and PE2 is called "my-vrf"...

...do this on PE1...
set routing-instances my-vrf protocols bgp group ebgp-to-ix neighbor
local-as private

...now see if PE2 is still seeing its own AS as looped

- Aaron

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