[j-nsp] Router for full routes

Rob Foehl rwf at loonybin.net
Fri Jun 29 11:10:39 EDT 2018

On Wed, 27 Jun 2018, Mark Tinka wrote:

> But to your question, there is nothing ancient about the MX240. It's just
> small. Look at your future needs and consider whether having those 2 line
> card slots running the latest-generation Trio chip will scale better than
> migrating to the MX204, and that should answer your question.

Thanks for the detailed reply, Mark.

By "ancient", I mean boxes still running RE-S-1300s, original SCBs, and 
either DPCs or older MPC2s -- basically, everything EOL except the 
chassis, and running a mix of 1G and 10G interfaces.  The limited slot 
count isn't much of an issue, especially with the possibility of moving to 
at least MPC3Es with 10x10G MICs.

The REs are the biggest issue, stuck on old code and not nearly enough 
memory.  1G interfaces are also a problem, but switches are cheap...

I do like the idea of the MX204 as an edge box, currently have some MX80s 
in that role that wouldn't be missed.


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