[j-nsp] using lo0 unit 1 as a vrf endpoint

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Fri May 11 11:56:06 EDT 2018

After working with JTAC, it was a strange forwarding plane (pfe)
misprogrammed issue.

Reboot fixed.

The only thing I could attribute this to was something that happened a
couple days again in the lab when I brought up this EX4550 as a P box, and I
may have had some of the neighboring gear (mx960, asr9k) incorrectly
config'd and it actually brought down a portion of my network ... 

... so I guess that maybe that left that 4550 pfe in an altered state of
some sort...

But I'm glad that L3VPN is working on my EX4550.  I have installed
EX4550-EM-2QSFP (dual 40 gig) in my EX4550 and intend on using these dual
40's (total 80 gig) as growth into my DC's for my cdn caches (ggc, oca,
aanp, fna) , and as the new way of connecting to my new supercore 100 gig
ring of mx960's.


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