[j-nsp] LSP's with IPV6 on Juniper

Mark Tinka mark.tinka at seacom.mu
Mon Sep 3 10:21:45 EDT 2018

I was cruising through the Junos 17.4 release notes, and found this:


IPv6 next-hop support for static egress LSPs (MX Series)—Starting in
Junos OS Release 17.4R1, static LSPs on the egress router can be
configured with IPv6 as the next-hop address for forwarding IPv6
traffic. Previously, only IPv4 static LSPs were supported. The IPv6
static LSPs share the same transit, bypass, and static LSP features of
IPv4 static LSPs.

A commit failure occurs when the next-hop address and destination
address of the static LSP do not belong to the same address family (IPv4
or IPv6).


Could be interesting for the OP.


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