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Thu Sep 13 08:08:01 EDT 2018

> From: Ivan Ivanov [mailto:ivanov.ivan at gmail.com]
> Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2018 10:58 AM
> Hi,
> There are a few different ways to resolve the MP-BGP routes on out of band
> Juniper RR. Depends on how flexible you want to be, one can use static route
> in inet.3, change of the resolution or rib-groups copying the routes form
> inet.0 to inet.3.
> Using the static route will work even without family mpls enabled on the
> interfaces. However the other two ways require that family to be enabled on
> the RR interfaces.
Hmm that’s interesting, cause on code version 12 and 15 the  “set routing-options resolution rib bgp.l3vpn.0 resolution-ribs inet.0” is the only thing that’s needed, i.e. no need for family mpls on RR interfaces.
So I have a theory that once you enable inet.3 (in any shape or form) then you need "family mpls" on RR interfaces?


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