[j-nsp] "set routing-options protect core" breaks local-preference

Rob Foehl rwf at loonybin.net
Thu Sep 27 20:57:58 EDT 2018

On Thu, 27 Sep 2018, Karl Gerhard wrote:

> thanks for sharing, seems like all Junos versions above 17.3R3 are affected.

I'd been hoping this was specific to 18.x, but no such luck.  We'd just 
settled on 17.4 in large part due to the number of times we've heard that 
it's received "extra QA", although issues like this make me wonder.

PIC isn't critical -- wasn't available on the platforms we're replacing -- 
but I'd be more forgiving if it was a new feature in this code, rather 
than a regression.

> All of the changes and work that is being done on the RPD code and other
> parts of Junos is completely worthless to me if folks at Juniper don't start
> writing regression tests.

Agreed.  Worse still is the near impossibility of getting regressions 
fixed in a timely fashion, especially without starting over with a new 
case for each affected platform / device.  I've all but given up trying.


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