[j-nsp] MX VC once again

Alex K. nsp.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 06:52:56 EST 2019

Hello everyone,

I've got interesting question lately, which I'll glad to know community
opinion about.

We were discussing MX VC design alternatives and I voiced a view, often
encountered here, that unless you're prepared to take the whole VC down,
you probably should look for an alternate design options. Since it's
logical to expect one being able to isolate a box from a VC, perform
whatever maintenance you planned and get the box back in row - that becomes
the question.  Surprisingly, I don't have any documentation to support you
could not. At least, for the procedures I've checked.

Hence, I'll glad to know is there any procedures/experience out there, that
ultimately states that you cannot do X, without talking the whole VC down.
Especially for practical reasons (documentation wise on such occasions, you
don't have to).

Thank you.

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