[j-nsp] SRX1500 (pkt mode) dhcp relay and VoIP phones

Michael Davis davis at udel.edu
Wed Jan 16 08:38:34 EST 2019

We use SRX's in pkt mode at some remote sites that don't need full blown 
security, mostly older SRX100s and SRX240s.  We've recently installed a 
at a larger site and everything works as expected, except none of the 
VoIP phones
are getting their addresses from the dhcp relay.  We have 6 VLANs on 
site and all
of them get dhcp as expected, except the VoIP phones.  Putting a laptop 
on the
VoIP VLAN gets an IP correctly.  Monitoring and mirroring the VLAN shows 
the dhcp
reply packets being broadcast to the IRB, but the phones just stay in 
the selecting
state in the binding table.

This is the first SRX running the JDHCP code levels so that's suspect, 
but can't for
the life of me see why only the phones are having issues.

We were running the recommended 15.1X49-D150.2 and I upgraded this morning
to 15.1X49-D160.2 without any change.

Has anyone run into such an issue before?


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