[j-nsp] RLDRAM sizes of MPC line cards

Karl Gerhard karl_gerh at gmx.at
Fri Jan 18 04:11:30 EST 2019


is there a list of the RLDRAM sizes of various Juniper line cards to be found somewhere on the internet?
As far as I understand RLDRAM equals (more or less) FIB size which is incredibly important.

I'm thinking about buying an MPC2 but I'm not sure how long it will last (compared to an MPC-3D-16X10GE) before I will have to start using stuff like FIB localization.

For the record, this is an MPC-3D-16X10GE:
> show chassis fpc detail
Slot 0 information:
  State                                 Online
  Temperature                        32
  Total CPU DRAM                   2048 MB
  Total RLDRAM                     1324 MB
  Total DDR DRAM                   5120 MB
  Start time:                           2018-01-19 01:21:38 CET
  Uptime:                               364 days, 8 hours, 36 minutes, 45 seconds
  Max Power Consumption             440 Watts


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