[j-nsp] Finding drops

Jason Lixfeld jason-jnsp at lixfeld.ca
Mon Jan 21 15:08:59 EST 2019

Hi all,

I’m doing some RFC2544 tests through an MX204.  The tester is connected to et-0/0/2, and the test destination is somewhere out there via et-0/0/0.  64 byte packets seem to be getting dropped, and I’m trying to find where on the box those drops are being recorded.

I’ve distilled the test down to generating 100 million 64 byte (UDP) packets to the destination, but the counters on et-0/0/2 read as though they’ve only received about 76.6% of those packets.

If I change the test to send 100 million 100 byte packets, the counters on et-0/0/2 account for all packets.

I’ve tried looking at various output to find a counter that registers the missing packets, but I’m not having any luck.

Aside from 'show interface et-0/0/2 extensive’, I’ve looked here with no luck:

show interface queue et-0/0/2
show pfe statistics traffic detail
show pfe statistics exceptions
show pfe statistics error 

Somewhere else I should be looking?

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