[j-nsp] ARP resolution algorithm? Storage of MX transit packets?

Tarko Tikan tarko at lanparty.ee
Thu Jan 31 05:38:47 EST 2019


> Huawei VRP has magic feature to enable periodic ARP for static route,
> so that static route is not installed if far_end does not resolve or
> stops resolving. Cisco and Juniper do not.

So does Nokia SROS:

[no] static-route {ip-prefix/prefix-length | ip-prefix netmask } 


This configuration option tracks the state of the next-hop in the IPv4 
ARP cache or IPv6 Neighbor Cache. When the next-hop is not reachable and 
is removed from the ARP or Neighbor Cache, the next-hop will no longer 
be considered valid. When the next-hop is again reachable and present in 
the ARP/Neighbor Cache, the static route will be considered valid.
Note: This feature is supported for directly connected next-hops only, 
and is exclusive with indirect routes.


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