[j-nsp] evpn with vrf (change to evpn inside inet.0 and igp advertise evpn /32's)

Aaron Gould aaron1 at gvtc.com
Mon Jun 10 16:36:38 EDT 2019

Oh dang, hang on... I just removed irb.0 from vrf and allowed it to sit in
inet.0 global table... and I DO see the evpn routes in inet.0 now...

So I think my question is actually this...  when I have evpn with irb inside
vrf, MP-iBGP advertises all those evpn /32's to the other remote pe's in
that  vrf.  Great.  But with epvn irb inside inet.0 , how do I get something
like ospf to do the same ?  how do I get ospf to advertise all those evpn
/32 host routes ?

I would think this is what I would need in order to have the efficient
routing to the evpn hosts in a certain data center that spreads across many
dc's.... is, I would need the igp to advertise those epvn /32's throughout
the domain.

root at stlr-960-e> show route table inet.0

inet.0: 42 destinations, 43 routes (42 active, 0 holddown, 0 hidden)
+ = Active Route, - = Last Active, * = Both    *[Direct/0] 00:01:34
                    > via irb.0
                    [Direct/0] 00:01:34
                    > via irb.0    *[Local/0] 00:01:34
                      Local via irb.0    *[Local/0] 00:01:34
                      Local via irb.0   *[EVPN/7] 00:01:21
                    > via irb.0   *[EVPN/7] 00:00:59
                    > to via ae0.0, Push 301728, Push
299840(top)   *[EVPN/7] 00:01:09
                    > via irb.0   *[EVPN/7] 00:00:17
                    > to via ae0.0, Push 301728, Push


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