[j-nsp] 100G DAC issue between MX204 and QFX5110

Gert Doering gert at greenie.muc.de
Thu Jun 20 14:06:49 EDT 2019


On Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 08:16:11PM +0300, Antti Ristimäki wrote:
> This was AOC specific issue and in fact we have more or less abandoned AOC cables, but nevertheless 100G seems to be much more difficult to interop than previous speed generations.

Since you actually used Juniper AOCs - what was their stance on this?

I can see the usual "this is not a genuine $Vendor optics, so if it does
not work, it's not our problem" stance, but if all involved devices plus
optics are "same vendor", it's very much their problem to make it work...


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