[j-nsp] RSVP-TE broken between pre and post 16.1 code?

adamv0025 at netconsultings.com adamv0025 at netconsultings.com
Fri Jun 28 10:16:16 EDT 2019

Hi gents,

Just wondering if anyone experienced RSVP-TE incompatibility issues when
moving from pre 16.1 code to post 16.1 code.
Didn't get much out of Juniper folks thus far so I figured I'll ask here as

The problem we're facing is that in case 17 code is LSP head-end and 15 code
is tail-end works, but in the opposite direction 17/15-to-17 (basically
cases where 17 is the LSP tail-end) the LSP signalling fails.
Trace reveals that the 17 gets the PATH message for bunch of LSPs, accepts
it (yes reduction and acks are used), creates the session, then deletes it
right away for some reason.
Our testing suggests there are two workarounds for this:
You might be aware that in 16.1 among other RSVP-TE changes the default
refresh-time (governing generation of successive refresh messages Path/Resv)
changed to 1200s -so no what you think making it 1200 on 15 side wont do, it
has to be less (e.q. 1999s).
If you want to keep refresh time at 1200 or higher then another option
strangely enough is to disable CSPF on the affected LSPs (didn't know that
SPF/CSPF changes contents of the PATH msg that in one case 17 code is cool
with PATH msg in other case not). 

Would appreciate any pointers.      


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