[j-nsp] Old JunOS upgrade path

Niall Donaghy niall.donaghy at geant.org
Fri Mar 8 09:31:08 EST 2019

I can only offer that if you want to go 13.x direct to 17.x:
 - you ought to do a lab test as this is not officially endorsed.
 - I know downgrading from 17.x to 15.1 has been problematic in our lab, requiring USB stick recovery.
 - I know that upgrading from 15.1 to 17.4 is fine.

Avoiding lab time/risk, what Ola suggests is the simplest most pragmatic approach if you have a small number of boxes.
If you have many, 13.x direct to 17.x is a more attractive option if you can prove in the lab, to your satisfaction, that it works for you.

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Not that I am in any way authoritative... And I think  Juniper has official guidelines, but these might be a bit conservative. Depending on your config and feature sets.

But I would at least suggest doing a few steps.

13.2 to 15.1 should be ok - skipping 14.

15.1 to 17.1 (and probably even 17.4) should also be ok, skipping 16.

But do a backup, and verify in each step. The biggest changes are from <
15 to 15+

/Ola (T)

On 08.03.2019 10:23, Robert Hass wrote:
> Hi
> Can I do direct upgrade of JunOS 13.2S to 17.4S ?
> Platform is MX80
> Or should I go step by step: i.e:
> 13.2 -> 14.1
> 14.1 -> 15.1
> 15.1 -> 16.1
> 16.1 -> 17.1
> 17.1 -> 17.4
> Rob
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