[j-nsp] 400G is coming?

Thomas Bellman bellman at nsc.liu.se
Mon Mar 18 18:35:54 EDT 2019

On 2019-03-18 21:05 UTC, Tim Rayner wrote:

> As I understand it, when a 400G port is enabled, 3 of the 100G ports
> are made un-available (not sure whether there is an option for sub-rate
> on the 400G port keeping more of the 100G ports available), hence there
> will be a limit of 1.5 Tbps per slot with no over-subscription.  It is
> actually a 15x100G card... each group of 5 ports can enable one of its
> ports as 400G, thereby disabling three of its other 100G ports... there
> is 500Gbps of capacity per port group = available as 5 x 100G, or 1 x
> 400G + 1 x 100G.

That makes sense.  And I'm not opposed to oversubscribed linecards,
as long as it's clear that they are, and how the oversubscription
works (port groups, et.c).  Presumably Juniper will put up a page
with more details soon, as they have for other linecards.


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