[j-nsp] EVPN/VXLAN experience (was: EX4600 or QFX5110)

Rob Foehl rwf at loonybin.net
Fri Mar 22 13:39:24 EDT 2019

On Fri, 22 Mar 2019, Sebastian Wiesinger wrote:

> What did bother us was that you are limited (at least on QFX5100) in
> the amount of "VLANs" (VNIs). We were testing with 30 client
> full-trunk ports per leaf and with that amount you can only provision
> around 500 VLANs before you get errors and basically it seems you run
> out of memory for bridge domains on the switch. This seems to be a
> limitation by the chips used in the QFX5100, at least that's what I
> got when I asked about it.
> You can check if you know where:
> root at SW-A:RE:0% ifsmon -Id | grep IFBD
>         IFBD                       :    12884      0
> root at SW-A:RE:0% ifsmon -Id | grep Bridge
>         Bridge Domain              :     3502       0
> These numbers combined need to be <= 16382.
> And if you get over the limit these nice errors occur:
> dcf_ng_get_vxlan_ifbd_hw_token: Max vxlan ifbd hw token reached 16382
> ifbd_create_node: VXLAN IFBD hw token couldn't be allocated for <xe-...>
> Workaround is to decrease VLANs or trunk config.

Huh, that's potentially bad...  Can you elaborate on the config a bit 
more?  Are you hitting a limit around ~16k bridge domains total?

I've got a few really large layer 2 domains that I'm looking to start 
breaking up and stitching back together with EVPN+VXLAN in the middle, on 
the order of a few thousand VLANs apiece.  Trying to plan around any 
likely limitations, but specifics have been hard to come by...


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